1. How to Protect Your Roof from Severe Summer Weather

    Most of the hail damage to homes happens during the summer.  Hail storms during summer can strike your roof’s asphalt shingles, leaving dimples which become weak spots. This can lead to costly repairs and a ton of time spent with roofing contractors at your home. Here are some ways to protect you…Read More

  2. Roof Replacement & Your St. Augustine Home

    How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Roof While replacing an older roof is always a desirable option for homeowners, cost and availability are important factors to consider when deciding if the time is right for total replacement. Maintenance and repairs can often add valuable years onto the…Read More

  3. How to Handle an Emergency Roof Repair

    Would you know what to do if a tree fell on your roof, or your roof was damaged by hail or strong winds?  Here’s a quick step-by-step guide for homeowners during an emergency. Don’t panic. Contact your insurance provider and a professional roofing contractor. If the damage happens in the middle…Read More