When the time finally comes for a homeowner to get a roof replacement, things can quickly become overwhelming. It is not a small project to get a whole roof replacement. The need for simple roof repairs can sometimes be time-consuming enough. The good news is that getting a roof replacement doesn’t have to be as big and stressful project as it often seems. Turning to knowledgeable professionals and roofing experts can make the process not just easier and more affordable, but it can even be a whole lotta fun! J. Adams Roofing offers the most knowledgeable roofing experts in the South Jacksonville area and we are here to help make this process as easy as possible. Call us today or contact us for a free estimate!

When Should I Get a Roof Replacement?

A good roof is absolutely essential for a home. Ideally, a roof should last for many years, even more than a decade. In order for a roof to be durable like this, however, it needs to be made from high-quality materials and expertly constructed. Nevertheless, a roof will at some point reach the end of its life and need replacing. It’s not always easy to know when the time is right for a roof replacement. Sometimes the damages can be taken care of through standard roof repair.

Things that might simply require standard repairs can include tile or shingle replacement, filling in cracks and holes, or fixing curling or blistering paint on the interior and exterior. You can learn more about how to recognize the need for roof repairs by visiting our roof maintenance and repair page. A roof replacement, on the other hand, is needed when standard repairs just won’t do anymore. The roof might simply be too old or the damage too far gone. A roof replacement is a big project and can be more expensive than repairs, but the more you know about the project, the easier and more affordable it can be.

Here’s a quick look at some signs that you might need a roof replacement:

  • Roof is aged 20+ years
  • Neighbors are contacting contractors/replacing roofs
  • Substantial shingle or tile damage
  • Areas with missing shingles or tiles
  • Areas with broken tiles
  • Substantial damage from extreme weather
  • Flashing damage
  • Cracks and holes allowing for leaks

You might need to ask yourself some questions in order to get an idea if the time has come for a roof replacement. A good starting place is considering the age of your roof. In many cases, the homeowner may have inherited a roof without knowing its exact age. In other cases, the homeowner may have been the one who previously replaced the roof and therefore knows its exact age.

It’s a good idea to consider how many years that roof has been holding up. In the case that you don’t know the age of your roof, it can be a good idea to look to your neighbors and see if they are looking for roof replacements. Houses in the same neighborhood are often built at similar times. If they’re looking for a replacement, you should too. In any case, if the roof is likely more than 20+ years old, then it is time to give J. Adams Roofing a call.

Another question to consider is the state of the tiles or shingles. As mentioned before, a handful of cracked shingles might just be a sign that a few pieces need replacement. However, if there is substantial cracking, curling, or crumbling, a roof replacement is likely needed.

These are only some of the considerations for roof replacement. When in doubt, give the professionals at J. Adams Roofing a call. Contact us today for excellent roofing service in South Jacksonville!