We would love the opportunity to serve you and your roofing needs. But either way we want you to be armed with what you need to know to make sure your roofing experience is an excellent one.

Choosing a roofing contractor is a big decision. Not only does a properly constructed roof provide safety and security for your home, the right roof can add significant value to the property. Inquiries about the roof are often among the first questions home buyers ask and it is an area where there is little room for error. Even considering other parts of a house in which the average homeowner may lack expertise, roofing is near unique since the structure is generally out-of-sight and, all too often, out-of-mind.

There are several measures homeowners can take to select the right roofing contractor for a job. Begin the process by seeking recommendations from friends and neighbors. Similarly, search various online resources (search engines, business listings, and review services) to get a broader view of the roofer’s work. Many of these websites enable a consumer to read actual testimonials from past customers. Upon narrowing the search, do further homework and verify that the contractor is properly licensed and insured.
At this point, it is appropriate to reach out to potential businesses to request a free estimate. Such a service is standard in the industry and allows the contractor to view and consider the particular qualities of an individual home. Not only should the roofer be able to provide a precise estimate of cost, but the homeowner should be given a closer look at the products that would be used. The timeframe for how long the job is expected to take should also be provided.

A customer should walk away from the free estimate with a written proposal, which not only breaks down price, but additionally provides information about warranties from both the roofer and the product manufacturer. Before making a final decision, ask for nearby references. Within proper reason, attempt to reach out to such persons for opinions on their experiences. If possible, consider visiting these properties to view the end result in person before making a final decision.

No single formula for success is identical and these are merely guidelines for obtaining a roofing contractor. More than any other principle, one should recognize that replacing a roof is a significant decision. The decision will not impact a family’s happiness in a home, but go a long way towards determining the resale value of the property.