1. Natural Enemies

    Even when hurricanes are not a current threat, everyday weather in Florida can get a bit extreme. Concentrating on near ideal winters, hearty residents often take for granted the power of the state’s muggy rainy season. Long summer days are filled with hours of robust sunshine and scorched humidit…Read More

  2. Choosing A Contractor

    We would love the opportunity to serve you and your roofing needs. But either way we want you to be armed with what you need to know to make sure your roofing experience is an excellent one. Choosing a roofing contractor is a big decision. Not only does a properly constructed roof provide safety and…Read More

  3. The Usual Suspects

    Here are the 5 most common roof problems: 1. Leaks: Water is the most common threat to normal functioning of roofs. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most serious dangers, as even a small leak can lead to significant damage and costly repairs. Sometimes water finds its way under the roof in a di…Read More

  4. Key Ingredients

    Common Types of Roofing Materials Asphalt shingles: Also known as composite shingles, these are the most widely used roofing materials, and are an especially popular option for homeowners. Individual pieces overhang each other to form a pattern covering the entirety of the roof. The shingles are co…Read More

  5. Locating A Leak

    How to Locate a Leak in Your Roof When seeing visual evidence of water on the ceiling, you know that a leaky roof has found you. Finding the source of that leak in the actual roof, however, is usually not so simple. Due to the typical pitch of a roof, water frustratingly tends to enter the structure…Read More

  6. Enemy #1: NOT water!

    Roof Safety 101: There is no safer way to perform work on a roof than by hiring experienced professionals trained in taking precaution to ensure completion of a successful project. However, there are occasions when a homeowner needs to access the roof without the time and expense of acquiring help. …Read More

  7. Five of the Most Famous Roofs in the World

    Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Austraila – Designed by renowned Danish architect Jorn Utzon, the 15-year project resulted in the opening of one of the most opulent structures in the world in 1973. Located against the lavish backdrop of Sydney Harbour, the mammoth theater actually contains several di…Read More

  8. Spring Cleaning For St. Augustine Roofing

    We are less than a month away from the first official day of spring and this is a great time to make some plans to do some spring cleaning to your roof before the rainy season hits. The rainy season is coming, and too many homeowners think the rain is a great way to clean their roof. Nothing could b…Read More