Many St. Augustine home and business owners have no idea where to start when they find that they are in need of roof repairs. Most often, damage occurs quickly and therefore, repairs need to happen just as fast. If you have discovered that there is a leak in your roof or that you are missing one or more shingle, it’s important to reach out to an expert roofing team as soon as possible. At J. Adams Roofing, we know how to not only make any repair that you require, but we will do it in a fast and professional manner. To learn more about roof repairs, check out some of the blog posts below.

  1. Tips For DIY Roof Repair

    When it comes to roof repairs in St. Augustine, we’ve seen it all. We’ve worked with a variety of clients, from those who know very little about roof repair to fellow roofing contractors and professionals. There can be a range of knowledge and expertise when it comes to roofing, and because of t…Read More

  2. Summertime Roof Repair And Maintenance

    We are now officially experiencing the summer heat. And for folks here in the St. Augustine area, that usually means time to really soak in the summer sun and enjoy the ocean views. Summer is the time for picnics, sporting events, and relaxing at the beach. Well, that’s what we like to tell oursel…Read More

  3. How to Prepare Your Roof for Hurricane Season Part 2

    The last thing that you want is to end up with extensive roof damage after a hurricane. If you’ve lived in Florida for very long, then you’re probably no stranger to hurricanes. Hurricanes are all too common, and the devastation they can cause is mind boggling. While there’s nothing you can do…Read More

  4. My Roof Caught Me Off Guard!

    PRO TIP: Roof damage ALWAYS gets worse (even if you can’t see it) Roof damage is like a sneaky bandit: It can creep up on you and you won’t even realize that it’s there until you get caught off guard by a surprise leak! Roofing in St. Augustine is no different. Even a simple leak today that w…Read More

  5. The Best Time to Schedule Roof Repair

    Many St. Augustine homeowners want to be strategic about when they should schedule their roof for repairs. They want to take things into consideration such as the weather and when the rainy season is coming or going. They think about when it might be cheaper or more expensive, or they think about wh…Read More

  6. Unique / Novel Way To Clean Clogged Downspouts

    Want to know the best way to clean a clogged downspout?  Use a leaf blower! Insert the nozzle into the bottom outlet and blow upwards.  That should loosen the jam or clog. Make sure you look out for debris that can come flying out of the downspout. If you don’t have a leaf blower, you could also…Read More

  7. What You Need to Know About Roof Warranties

    A new roof should last you at least 25 years.  A warranty doesn’t guarantee problems will not occur, but it does protect you in the event of an issue with your roofing system. There are some important things to remember when considering a roof warranty: There are two types of warranties:  covera…Read More

  8. How to Protect Your Roof from Severe Summer Weather

    Most of the hail damage to homes happens during the summer.  Hail storms during summer can strike your roof’s asphalt shingles, leaving dimples which become weak spots. This can lead to costly repairs and a ton of time spent with roofing contractors at your home. Here are some ways to protect you…Read More