PRO TIP: Roof damage ALWAYS gets worse (even if you can’t see it)

Roof damage is like a sneaky bandit: It can creep up on you and you won’t even realize that it’s there until you get caught off guard by a surprise leak! Roofing in St. Augustine is no different. Even a simple leak today that would cost a minimal amount to repair can easily cost you thousands tomorrow if left unattended.

It’s super easy to discover leaks because J Adams Roofing in St. Augustine can find them for you for FREE! 904.685.6996

Here’s what to be looking for, and if you see any of this call J Adams Roofing in St. Augustine immediately for a FREE inspection 904.685.6996
(even if you have none of these signs now, getting your roof examined is a wise idea):

– Leaks – Hopefully you have found this list before a major leak has occurred.
– Dark spots and trails on the ceiling
– Sagging attic ceiling
– You can see light from the outside coming through
– Moisture, rotting, or molding
– Vents from kitchen, dryer and bathroom are not going completely outside

– Shingles missing
– Dented vents, flashing or gutters
– Wear and tear around chimneys, pipes or other rooftop structures
– Leaning rooftop structures
– Tiles that are dented, cracked, broken, curled or buckled
– Sagging Roof
– Granule loss from shingles is collecting in the gutters
– Moss and algae growth on shingles
– Crumbling cement
– Chimney bricks that are damaged, missing, or out of place
– Wrinkles on flat roofs
– Damage to previous roof patches

Roof Damage Always Gets Worse!

That’s why J Adams Roofing in St. Augustine provides FREE roof inspections. We offer services in  Atlantic BeachJacksonvilleJacksonville BeachNeptune BeachPalm CoastElktonHastingsPonte VedraPonte Vedra BeachSaint Augustine, and Saint Johns. Call us right now!