Most of the hail damage to homes happens during the summer.  Hail storms during summer can strike your roof’s asphalt shingles, leaving dimples which become weak spots. This can lead to costly repairs and a ton of time spent with roofing contractors at your home.

Here are some ways to protect your roof during the summertime storms:

  • Install impact-resistant asphalt shingles on your roof, which can endure hail.
  • Have a professional inspect your roof to make sure the sheathing is properly enforced.
  • Ask a roofing professional to see if the gables, or side walls of your roof, are braced for strong winds.
  • Have your roof inspected after a severe hail storm moves through.

The experts at J. Adams Roofing can put a plan in place to help your roof weather the summer storms! We have a large service area in St. Augustine. Call us today to schedule your FREE roofing consultation!

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