Here in St. Augustine, we may not have to worry about blizzard conditions during these upcoming winter months. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t have to prepare our homes for shifts in the weather. The temperatures and the humidity will both drop. As things cool down and the conditions become a bit dryer, you will want to make sure that you’re taking the appropriate precautions. 

In order to help prepare for the winter cool downs, we wanted to spend this blog going over some important facts about roof repair. Knowledge is the best defense against costly long-term damage to your roof, and your home in general. After reading today’s blog, be sure to contact J. Adams Roofing with any questions you have about roof repairs for your St. Augustine home! Now, let’s take a look at three important facts about roof repair.

1. Where You Live Dictates What Your Best Roofing Options

Here at J. Adams Roofing, we like to say that our roofing is “Hurricane Strong.” That’s because here in St. Augustine, it’s essential that our roofs can stand up against strong winds and intense downpours. That means that the best roofs and the best roof repairs in St. Augustine will be different for areas that have different weather conditions. The hurricane forces of St. Augustine is very different from the heavy snows and freezing conditions of, say, northern Michigan. 

So, for instance, hipped roofs, which have four slopes of equal length on all four sides that meet at the top to form a ridge, are more wind resistant than gable roofs and might work best in windy areas. And, accordingly, the best way to approach your repairs will depend on the specific roof! Whatever the case may be, you can trust that you’ll get world-class roof repairs from J. Adams.

2. A Roof Isn’t Just Shingles and Wood

Speaking of getting the best roof for your geographical area, it’s also important to consider the materials of the roof. When it comes to roof repair, there is a lot of variability depending on what materials your roof is made from.

It’s probably easy to picture a roof of being made just from shingles and wood. After all, that’s what a roof can appear to be from a distance. But, typically, a roof is made of many different things, including:

  • Roof decking
  • Water barrier
  • Underlayment
  • Metal flashing
  • Drip edge

And of course, a roof doesn’t even have to have shingles! There are many materials that can decorate and protect your roof. Be sure to check out our blog on tips for roof maintenance to learn more about what to look out for before needing repairs.

3. Roof Repair Services Don’t Have to be Expensive

As indicated in our previous blog on roof maintenance, it is absolutely essential to maintain your roof in order to prevent and mitigate damage. Nonetheless, repairs are inevitable. Maintenance can help keep those repairs smaller-scale and more affordable, but even still, repairs in general don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. 

Of course, you won’t want to sacrifice quality just to get a good price. Paying less now can sometimes lead to much greater costs in the long-run. That’s where you can trust the professionals at J. Adams. Our team provides expert, top-of-the-line roof repairs while still offering affordable pricing. You can learn more about roof repairs for your St. Augustine home by contacting us today. You can even get a free estimate!