Inspections are essential for every roof in Florida.

Even if you perform DIY inspections on your roof, there are many reasons to get a professional inspection on a regular basis. If you’ve had a chance to read part one of this series, then you already know that inspections can help to give you the information you need about your roof risk-free, prevent the need for big, pricey repairs and keep your roofing warranty active. Here are a few more reasons not to skip your regular roof inspections:

Reason #4. Your inspection will be more comprehensive.

Most DIY roofing inspections don’t cover much ground besides the basics. In fact, smart homeowners don’t even get on top of their roof to do their DIY inspections; they just inspect what they can from the ground. Not only is it dangerous to get on top of your roof, but you could also inadvertently damage your roof if you take a step in the wrong place. To get a more comprehensive look at your roof, hire a professional. A professional roofing contractor will take the time to thoroughly examine every aspect of your roof, including the gutters and downspouts, attic insulation and ventilation, shingles, valleys, eaves and more.

Reason #5. You’ll save more money.

People often think of roofing inspections as expensive, but the reality is that a roofing inspection can actually save you money in a number of ways. First and foremost, roofing inspections help to reduce the need for expensive repairs, because they make it possible to catch small problems when they are still cheap and easy to fix. Preventing problems from arising, promptly making necessary repairs and keeping up with minor maintenance tasks, like gutter cleaning, can all lead to a longer lifespan for your roof. And, the longer your roof lasts, the more money you’ll save in the end.

Reason #6. You’ll get expert advice on how to best take care of your roof.

One of the biggest benefits of a professional roofing inspection is that it gives you one-on-one time with a professional roofer who can share their experience and expertise with you. If you have any questions or concerns about your roof, the inspection is a wonderful time to have them addressed. Furthermore, you can let the roofer know what you do to maintain your roof and find out if you are doing it properly or if adjustments need to be made.

Choose J. Adams Roofing for your St. Augustine roofing inspection.

The better question is not, “why would you get your roof inspected?”, it’s, “why wouldn’t you get your roof inspected?” If the time has come to have your roof inspected by a professional, choose J. Adams Roofing. We’re proud to be Florida’s top choice for residential roofing companies, and we offer a wide range of services, including inspections, repairs, maintenance, replacements and more. Don’t wait to get your roof inspected! Contact us today to get your free estimate and to schedule your inspection in St. Augustine. We look forward to hearing from you!