Getting a new roof is an intimidating process. Not only is the project likely to cost a considerable amount, but it is one of the biggest investments you can make in your home, which itself likely represents the largest asset in your financial net-worth. While hiring the right person is essential, so too is learning about the process of selecting the correct roof.

Thankfully, the internet makes this challenge much more palatable. A wealth of information on the different types of materials, projected costs, and on contractors themselves can be acquired with just a few Google searches.

Yet, the human element of the decision remains the most critical part of the process. In selecting a roofer, it is essential to get satisfactory answers to basic questions, such as “What type of roof fits my house best?” But during conversations with potential contractors, it is equally important to ask a range of targeted questions that fill in the blanks on both the process and the person you are considering hiring.

After discussing the “meat and potatoes” details on replacing your roof, here are ten “outside-the-box” questions to ask when meeting with a roofer.

  1. Are you licensed in this state and do you carry general liability insurance and workman’s compensation insurance?
  2. How long have you been involved in roofing?
  3. Can you provide local references who can verify your work on their homes?
  4. Will you provide a written and specifically itemized estimate?
  5. Can you tell me exactly who will work on my house during this process?
  6. By what manner will you remove the old roof and how will it be taken from the property?
  7. What contingency plans do you make in case of inclement weather?
  8. What steps will you take to protect my yard, landscaping, driveway, and gutters?
  9. What type of permit is required by my county and will you obtain it?
  10. May I have a list of the names of the products used and your suppliers for them?

A roofer’s ability to answer these diverse questions with satisfactory responses is as significant as explanations given on general knowledge of the roofing process. These ten questions assure you spend money wisely and make a good investment not only in actual roofing products, but in the people who make sure they are assembled correctly.

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