First off: Congrats on your new home and your status as a homeowner!

At J Adams roofing , St. Augustine’s most trusted roofer, we want  you to know that the most important thing you can do, right now, is arrange a roof inspection. We provide these completely free, but whether you call us or someone else, this is a critical first step. Here’s a few things to know about roof inspection:

 1. Roof Inspector – A qualified roof inspector in St. Augustine Roof  is trained and accredited and this is important because they can accurately calculate the likelihood of whether or not a roof will leak.  A minor roof leak is usually what leads to major disaster over time, right under your nose, without you even knowing it’s eating away at your home’s integrity and putting your family at risk

2. Roof Inspection Duration – It can typically take anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hour for a roof inspection to be completed. It depends on the roof size, complexity, and other factors.

3. Roof Inspection Process – The inspector will examine the entire surface area and structures on the roof. Your roof’s supporting structures will also be examined from inside of the house and a qualified inspector will always create a detailed report which notes recommended repairs.

Having routine roof inspections is the best way to maintain your roof and keep it in great shape. And with J Adams roofing, it’s free! Call us right now!