Thank goodness that when you need a roofer in St. Augustine it’s never to help with snow since we don’t get more than a few flurries every decade or so. However, many of your friends and family up north could likely use this info, so pass these tips on to them. Plus we’ll bet you never knew your friends and family up north go through this all winter long!

Did you know that people actually shovel their roofs in the winter? Actually, they don’t quite shovel them. But, they do rake them!

If you live in a cold climate you know you’ll be due to get some snowfall at some point during the winter. And, with that comes all of the inevitable maintenances that need to be done. Tis’ the season of breaking out the snow shovel and the snow blower. It’s the time to spread the rock salt upon the walkways and the stairways. But, many people overlook the power of the roof rake.

What’s a Roof Rake?

A roof rake is a tool that is specifically designed to remove snow off of a roof. It has an extendable handle that allows a user to get a far reach up on a roof without having to climb up with a shovel.

Why should a Roof be Raked?

Raking a roof can prevent damage that can be done by the buildup of snow. Snow buildup can cause water damage and leakage to the roof. An ice damn is a buildup that can slowly deteriorate a roof. It forms out of snow that continually melts and refreezes with the changing temperatures and cold air over time.

Using a Roof Rake

It is important for a roof to be completely raked to prevent an ice damn from forming. For that reason one must be very aware of the high risk of injury that is takes to complete the task. For a roof to be successfully raked all of the snow must be removed. This often requires someone to use a ladder and they may need to walk on the roof. Also, note that improper use of a roof rake can also damage a roof.

So, each year when the winter comes around in the cold climates, don’t think that the raking duties have ended with the fall leaves. We offer services in  Atlantic BeachJacksonvilleJacksonville BeachNeptune BeachPalm CoastElktonHastingsPonte VedraPonte Vedra BeachSaint Augustine, and Saint Johns. Call us right now!