Those aren’t ghosts making noises in your home at night. So, why does a roof creak at night?

Wood expands with heat, and when it gets cooler at night, the wood shrinks.  The shrinking will cause some unusual sounds. Don’t call a ghost hunter! Instead, try these quick DIY tips to keep your roof quiet at night.

  1. Lubrication is the way to go!  Put several coats of diesel fuel on the underside of the roof deck.
  2. Make sure you coat the rafter, joists, and insulation very well!
  3. After the coats have soaked in, install a propane heater in the attic to keep it warm a few nights.
  4. There will be a lot of popping and cracking afterwards, but your roof will settle down and become silent again.

You can also add more vents in the roof to let out heated air caused by convection.

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