Before climbing on your roof to check a potential problem, or just a routine inspection, there are some safety tips that are important to remember.

  1. Don’t work on the roof alone. Have someone nearby in case of an accident.
  2. Keep the ladder on a solid surface, and use a ladder stabilizer at the top of the ladder.
  3. Don’t walk on a roof that is wet because you could slip and fall.
  4. Always wear a safety harness.
  5. Wear sturdy shoes or boots with good traction to keep from slipping.
  6. Clean up as you go, so you don’t trip on nails, old shingles, tools, or other debris.
  7. Check the forecast. Don’t go on the roof if there are storms or strong winds in the area

These are simple steps that are common sense, but sometimes forgotten when working or getting a job done on the roof.  If you don’t want to go up on the roof yourself, call the experts at J Adams Roofing! Call us today for your FREE roofing consultation!


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