If your room is sagging inwards, call a roofer immediately and don’t climb on the roof yourself!  The roofer will identify the cause.  Here are some of the reasons why your roof is sagging.

  1. Ceiling joists, or ceiling beams, join the walls of a building together, and support the roof and ceiling  Those joists may have a compromised connection due to aging, wear and tear, or weather in older homes.
  2. A common reasons a roof sags is because they can’t support the weight of the roof. Heavy shingles can loosen ceiling joists and rafters because of the big load. Snow, water, and debris can also add to the weight of the roof.
  3. Weather may be the culprit. In addition to the snow piling up, the hot sun, humidity, hail, heavy winds, cold and rain can all damage your roof.  Those elements can tear away the protective layer of your shingles, and weaken your roof.
  4. Your roof can sag due to poor craftsmanship, such as not enough rafter ties, or poor alignment of rafters with ceiling joist.  The joist connection and rafter should be parallel to each other.

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