Here’s some simple and FREE ways for you to tell if your roof is headed for a huge problem.  The National Roofing Contractors Association suggests you check your roof every fall and spring.

  1. Look for shingles that are buckling, curling or blistering.  This means that the shingles’ will need to be replaced.
  2. Look for any loose material or wear around chimneys and pipes.
  3. Check for shingle granules in your gutters.  Those granules protect shingles from UV rays.  If you don’t protect yourself from UV rays, your skin ages prematurely and can cause serious damage.  The same goes for your roof.  You need to make sure your roof is protected from those harmful rays.
  4. Remember, not every roofing problem can be spotted with an untrained eye.
  5. Give us a call for a FREE overview inspection of your roof or to answer your questions FREE. Call us right now!


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