Ponte Vedra Beach Wood Rot Repair

This Ponte Vedra business owner was experiencing significant leaking. Our J. Adams Roofing experts found significant wood rot that needed to be repaired.

Types of roofing

This happy St. Augustine homeowner chose to put a Metal Roof on her home. After working closely with our consulting team the homeowner decided on the 26 gauge Gulf Rib metal to protect her home. The roof looks great and she won’t have to worry about her roof for many years to come.

Tile Roof Replacement in St. Augustine, FL

This customer in Marineland Beach had serious hurricane damage and needed to have major renovation done on the home. We installed a brand new durable tile roof that will last for many years to come.

Marineland Beach Shingle ReRoof

Our great name has traveled to Flagler County! This customer lives just south of Marineland Beach. Hurricane Matthew caused some damage requiring a new roof be installed. J. Adams Roofing was there to take care of this customer.

Beach Shingle Re-Roof in Palm Coast

This Palm Coast homeowner had some damage from Hurricane Matthew. Insurance recommended a new roof and they chose J. Adams Roofing to replace their roof. The homeowner chose Owens Corning Driftwood Shingles. The roof turned out beautifully!


Wood Shake Roof Replacement Projects

Here are some photos from our wood shake roof replacement construction.


Tile Roof Replacement Projects

In this album we show you some tile roof replacement projects we have worked on.


Shingle Roof Replacement Projects

Here we share some photos from our shingle roof replacement construction.


Metal Roof Replacement Projects


St. Augustine Shingle Re-Roof

This St. Augustine customer knew it was time for a new roof.  She called J. Adams Roofing based on their great reputation to take care of the job.  Owens Corning Driftwood shingles were chosen to compliment her house color.  The crew did a great job and the customer had nothing but wonderful things to say about J. Adams Roofing.


NEW 3 layer polarized glass skylights!

SUN-TEK has a new 3 layer tempered glass skylight that cuts heat dissipation down by 92% and lets you enjoy sunshine in your home.

Hail Damage

With the recent bad weather we’ve been having our roofs are prone to hail damage. Here are a few pictures of what hail damage looks like. Even though the first picture doesn’t look like much at all severe damage can occur resulting in leaks. The longer the hail damage sits the ceramic granules aren’t protecting the asphalt that sits underneath. As wind and rain fall the loose material gets washed away leaving the sun to dry and crack what’s left allowing water to enter causing leaks in your home. If you suspect that a hail storm has been through your neighborhood call the experts at J. Adams Roofing to check it out.

Hydro Stop Application

Here we show you some projects we’ve used Hydro Stop for to prevent water damage.

Individual Photos